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The Sportsman Outdoors & Fly Shop

The Sportsman Outdoors & Fly Shop is looking for competent, fun-loving, talented outdoor guides who have an area of expertise that fits one of our major guided programs including, fly fishing, interpretive hiking, and four-wheel drive tours. Guides should be prepared to focus on our fly fishing program, but also have a flexible mind-set and skills to work in other areas, as well as our large retail shop.

We are proud of our successful outdoor recreation services, which operate on public lands and public and private waters. This professional set of programs requires guides to be knowledgeable and have strong people skills, as well as be competent fly fishers with a high level of knowledge about the outdoors.

Everyone who guides for our shop must pass the training provided by our manager: no exceptions. Job opportunities are available for experienced and entry-level positions. Work is seasonal and is concentrated in June, July, and August, although work can begin as early as April and end in October. Please email your resume documenting work experience, education, list of references, wage required, and dates of availability. Pay is based on experience. Please email resume to info@lakecitysportsman.com or eagle3@fastmail.fm .

Clean, comfortable, and low-cost housing is available.

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