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Shuttle fee is $50 per car load per hour 

from the time we leave our store until we arrive back at our store

ALL shuttles must be booked 48 HRS in advanced to provide enough time to coordinate with our driver.

Hiker Shuttles

We offer the following options.

  •  Meet at our store & leave you at trailhead (most commonly used)

  •  Meet at your destination trailhead where you will leave your car & then drive you to the start of your hike.

  •  Pick up at a trailhead at a specified time and drop you off back at your car or at our store.

  •  Store supplies while you are on the trail.


Shuttles start at a designated place at the time agreed upon when your reservations is made.

We will ALWAYS be at a designated destination when we say we will! If we arrive at meeting destination and you are not there within 45 minutes we must alert the authorities as to your missing status. 



All of our shuttle services are permitted through the United States Bureau of Land Management and United States Forest Service Gunnison/Rio Grande Districts. Our drivers are professionally licensed, bonded, and insured.

Please see the link below to book your shuttle.

If you are carrying a satellite phone - you may you the shop number to communicate via text on updates!

Shuttle fees do not include shuttle gratuity (which is discretionary), but it averages about 15%.

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